Duncan + Reegan - Ajax Park, Aspen

Meet Duncan and Reegan, the sweetest couple- ah young love.

Duncan's mother reached out to me to photograph the beautiful upcoming wedding day for her son and his lovely fiancé Reegan.

They were planning an October 8th, 2022 wedding with a small outdoor ceremony at Ajax Park just on the outskirts of downtown Aspen, followed by a short reception on the rooftop of The Gant.

I spoke to Reegan and she was just the sweetest bride to be. Reegan wanted the focus of the photos to be her guests and her family; everything that was happening around them - she was so modest and kind always when we spoke, I knew this would be a very special day for their family and couldn't wait to be taking photos for them.

My second shooter Sam and I showed up a few minutes early to scope out the venue, we had gorgeous fall weather with the leaves still holding onto some of their color. We walked into Reegan's hotel room first and I was instantly transported back to my college years, in only the best ways.

Reegan and her girls were scrambling for the last minute 'getting ready' details; everyone was so excited and just throwing on that quick lipstick, finding shoes, finishing hair and all while drinking some mimosas and laughing over everything together.

This was so how me and my girls in college were, carefree and fun- and Reegan looked absolutely stunning even before she put her dress on. She gave me her cowboy boots, hat and a few special items to photograph and I was just totally in love with 'the vibe' of her day already.

We snapped a few photos of the girls outside together, where Reegan absolutely broke down in the worlds sweetest quick cry- she was so filled with emotion with all her best ladies around her and all the love she was feeling, I was holding back my own tears watching them through my camera lens.

All the girls were in cowboy boots, everyone was ready to party and celebrate their two friends getting married.

So much love and support she had, these girls were simply amazing.

Sam and I were moving fast, as this was a shorter wedding (4 hours) for me to photograph so we quickly moved to the guys next.

We scurried over to Duncan's hotel room, and this is where it got highly entertaining. As soon as we walked in, Duncan informed me that his brother (and best man!) was missing his dress pants. Ha!

Sam and I laughed pretty hard, but soon realized this meant he would also miss the before wedding photos with the rest of the guys. He wasn't on the property, he was out looking for another pair of pants to wear! The wedding was starting in less than an hour, oh vey.

The way Duncan handled this moment was top notch, he quickly brushed it off- we all laughed a few more times and we decided to still take some photos without him and would grab a few shots after the ceremony. Class act right here.

The guys all had matching black converse, Duncan had some western flair paired with a super cool moustache - and the boys were also totally ready to get this party started.

Everyones energy was awesome, and everyone was already having so much fun just being together - it was a big celebration!

The ceremony was so beautiful.

Reegan had one of her closest girlfriends officiate for them, and she did such a wonderful job. They had beautifully colored carpets together creating an isle to walk, the gorgeous Aspen mountains and fall leaves as the backdrop- and all the love of their closest friends and family as their witnesses.

Reegan's walk down the isle with her father was very memorable for me. Duncan was turned around facing the opposite direction as to not see her until she was about half way down, this was so sweet. Reegan burst into tears filled with emotion while clutching her Dad's arm the entire walk. The cutest love story unfolding right before our eyes, it was incredible.

We had a break in the clouds with the sunshine just beaming down on Duncan & Reegan right as they said 'I do' and they shared their first kiss as husband and wife, perfection.

After the ceremony, they had a giant bucket filled with mini champagne bottles for all of their guests to enjoy while we took family photos at the park.

Later, we all walked to The Gant rooftop for some lovely appetizers and drinks with mountain views, as the sun was beginning to set.

The weather could not have been more perfect for them.

My time with the couple was suddenly up, the hours flew by and when we said our goodbyes and left - I imagine the party for these fun friends just got started!

It was such a joyous occasion, congratulations to the beautiful couple- wishing you a lifetime of love.

Oh, I almost forgot- the best man did make it to the ceremony, sans pants. He wore his best jeans, and nobody batted an eye.

I am sure this will be a great story for the kids and grandkids down the road :)