Sherman + Renee - New Castle, CO

November 19, 2022

I initially got an inquiry about a wedding in New Castle, CO for the weekend of November 19th through email, and we scheduled a phone call for just a few days later. I was visiting family in Michigan and staying at their lake house, but snuck away to take a call with Renee and Sherman and talk about possibly photographing their upcoming wedding.

Immediately, we clicked. We met for a beer a few months later, and all looked forward to the wedding day!

Sherman has family and friends that still live in Michigan, they are both arborists - we all love the outdoors- they explained to me that they wished to get married outside, under an apple tree, on this gorgeous property out in New Castle, and I could envision it all already.


The only wild card, was the date was middle to late November and up here in the mountains- that can be quite the weather game to play. But we booked, planned for outdoors - and we all tried to send out our 'warm, sunny' vibes and prayers for Saturday, November 19th.

Fast forward to about three weeks before the wedding, and the entire Roaring Fork Valley got just hammered with snow, freezing cold temps, and winter-like weather.

I'm sure we all had a mental pause a few times watching the forecast for the big day, but sure enough about a week before the wedding - all of our many prayers had been answered and it looked like it was going to be a sunny and beautiful late fall weather day coming up for them to enjoy!

Well let me tell you, the weather we had was unbelievably gorgeous - and the sunset Renee & Sherman were given that evening was perfection. We snuck out together for a very quick, 15 minute golden hour shoot. We even had wild turkeys run up on us at the beginning, which gave everyone a good laugh.

Sherman twirling Renee with the golden sunbeams all around them, the smiles on both of their faces, each time they snuck in a kiss - these two have it.

Renee requested a first look with her grandmother, which was also a moment I will personally remember for my lifetime. I loved my own Grandmother so much, she was my best friend until the day the Lord took her from us, which was only just this past year. A first look with Grandma, yes absolutely that's a yes.

It was very emotional taking photos of this moment for them. I was seeing through my own very teary eyes and could feel the enormous pride mixed with enormous heartache from a loss in the family they have also experienced recently, everyone was feeling every emotion at the same time. And Renee looked absolutely breathtaking.

This special pause before the ceremony was an honor to witness.

Both families and all of their guests were so very gracious, everyone was nothing but lovely and kind to myself and my second shooter Katrina for the entire time we were graced with their presence.

For a wedding day, the vibe was calm and relaxed. It was such a pleasure.

Thank you for allowing me to capture your day for you, it was even more magical than I could have imagined.

The love you two share took my breath away multiple times while I was taking photos, and I wish you both only the greatest success and longest standing love for the future.